Wet Tag out of the water
Wet Tag for lobster pots and traps
Wet Tag in hand in harbor close up

Fisheries catch sampling with the Zebra-Tech Wet Tag.

Turn your lobster pot, crab pot or dredge into a data collection tool:

Developed in cooperation with CRAMAC 5 of the New Zealand Lobster industry. The Wet Tag is a small low cost logger which records and transmits automatically.

  • Temperature (average and max to 0.25 Deg C)
  • Pressure (Average and max)
  • Soak time
  • Tamper event (was the pot lifted while I was away?!)
  • Pot / Dredge ID
  • Boat / fisher ID
  • Path and position data can be added – When used with Deck Logger


Download a Wet Tag intro sheet

Wet Tag Intro Sheet

Automatically log the deployment of lobster pots, crab pots, dredges, set nets…Which pot was used? Where was it deployed? What was the Soak time (and did anyone lift my pot?!) What was the water temperature down there?

All this data can be transmitted wirelessly and securely to the Zebra-tech Deck Logger…every time gear is lifted.

Now add in all the other data you need for your industry, to satisfy log book requirements or record catch data for your own benefit, easily enter the data into the deck logger without ever needing to pick up a pen. Here you can see example .kml and .csv outputs.

The Wet-Tag, manufactured in New Zealand and designed for harsh fisheries environments.

Wet tag pot out of water