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Wet Tag temperature and depth loggers

Wet Tags

Wet Tags are small small low cost loggers, which operate automatically to record and offload data.

  • Temperature
  • Depth
  • Soak time
  • Tamper event
  • Pot  ID
  • Fisher ID

Wet Tags are available in a range of physical shapes, and can be supplied with custom specifications to suit your application. Please contact us to discus your requirements.

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How Wet Tags work

Wet Tags are fully automatic. Valuable data can be collected without interfering with the fishing operation.

Wet Tags detect when they enter the water, and then start recording depth and temperature.

Wet Tags are available with either Bluetooth offload or Zebra-Tech Deck Logger offload.

Bluetooth Wet Tags can be offloaded using the Zebra-Tech app, available freely for both Android and IOS mobile devices. The app features an automatic offload mode; Wet Tags are automatically detected and offloaded onto the mobile device together with the offload position, without any user input.

Alternatively, ZebraTech Deck Loggers can be used to offload Wet Tags, and additionally process the data together with manually entered data.

Please contact us to discus how Wet Tags can work for you.

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