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ZebraTech designs and manufactures robust underwater instruments and equipment

About Us

ZebraTech was established in 2002 to design, develop and manufacture underwater instrumentation.

Our products are used in environmental research and monitoring within New Zealand, and around the World.

In 2008 the company diversified into developing technical solutions to assist Commercial fisheries with catch sampling programs, and data collection, for research and sustainability projects.

ZebraTech has a highly trained and experienced team that undertake design, development, and manufacturing, all under the one roof.

HW-088-C (Rev A).114

Hydro-Wipers are an innovative mechanical wiper system designed to provide a regular gentle brushing action, this keeps the optical window of the instrument clean from bio-fouling and unwanted deposits such as mud.

Moana TD Sensors record detailed temperature profiles when moving through the water column, and time series temperature measurements when static. The data is automatically offloaded to the solar-powered Deck Hub.
D-Opto Sensor
D-Opto Sensors enable long term accurate monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels in streams, rivers, lakes and marine environments.
Minimal on-site maintenance and servicing required.
Deck Loggers are designed and built for operating in the harsh environments found on commercial fishing vessels; waterproof, hard wearing and tough.
Easy to operate with wet fingers and gloves.

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