Zebra-Tech Ltd is a New Zealand based company specialising in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for underwater research and fisheries catch sampling.

Introducing the Calypso Catch and Position Reporting System for IEMRS

Compulsory digital monitoring of commercial fishing operators in New Zealand is underway, with the implementation of the IEMRS programme by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.

Building on nearly a decade of collaboration with New Zealand fisheries, Zebra-Tech is proud to introduce its Cyclops catch and position reporting system. 

Wet fingers, gloves, lots of water, no problem for Calypso! Designed and built tough, for life on inshore fishing boats and with non-vessel fishing operators.

For more information, please check our Calypso page

Zebra-Tech is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand representative for the following underwater instrument and equipment manufacturers:

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