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Dependable products for harsh environments

ZebraTech designs and manufactures robust underwater instruments and equipment.

We benefit Science and Fisheries.


The internationally renowned and trusted anti-fouling wiping system. Hydro-Wipers can be simply fitted to most underwater instruments and cameras, enabling them to be deployed for extended duration in fouling environments.

The regular gentle brushing action keeps the critical window clean. Stopping bio-fouling, mud, debris and sediment accumulation.

ZebraTech creates a standard range of Hydro-Wiper models for a wide range of instruments.

We can also provide quick and cost effective custom solutions for your applications. Talk to us to discus your requirements.

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D-Opto dissolved oxygen sensors

The D-Opto Sensor and D-Opto Logger dissolved oxygen instruments use field proven optical technology.

D-Opto Sensors enable long term accurate monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels in streams, rivers, lakes and marine environments. Minimal on-site maintenance and servicing required.

Rugged and reliable in challenging environments. Ideal for long deployments, with low power use.

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Custom designed by ZebraTech for the Moana Project. The Moana sensor heralds a new era in temperature profile measurement technology.

Autonomous, robust & designed for use on commercial fishing vessels. The Moana sensor records detailed temperature profiles when moving through the water column, and time series temperature measurements when static.

Data is automatically offloaded to the solar powered ZebraTech Deck Unit, so data can be effortlessly collected without interfering with commercial fishing operations.

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Diver Caliper

The world’s only underwater self-logging dive caliper. Simple to use and accurate.  Measure & record in diverse marine & freshwater environments.

Dive Calipers log the caliper jaw measurement, time and date and optionally the depth, at the push of a button.

Maximize your productivity and data quality during valuable dive time.

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Digital Measuring Board

Tough, reliable and accurate. The Digital Measuring Board has been designed to operate in small open fishing boats and harsh environments.

Data is accurately & reliably captured with a range of measuring modes. Ideal for shellfish and smaller fish species.

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Wet Tag

Submersible temperature and depth loggers that are compact & affordable.

Wet Tags are built tough. Valuable data is recorded & offloaded automatically.

Talk to us today about how Wet Tags can work for you.

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Deck Logger

Deck Loggers for recording fisheries catch data. Designed and built for the harsh working conditions found on commercial fishing vessels.

Integrate with ZebraTech wireless Wet Tags and Measuring boards to provide a rapid data collection system.

Fully customizable to efficiently capture the data you need. Talk to us to discus your requirements.

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Other products

ZebraTech has been involved in a wide range of technical development projects, and has developed a range of products to support these, including:

Underwater groundwater seep detection probes

Underwater groundwater seep sampling equipment

Submersible multi-chamber ecotoxicity bio-assay device

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