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Deck Loggers for Fisheries data collection

Deck Logger

Zebra-Tech has been developing and manufacturing Deck Loggers for data collection on commercial fishing vessels since 2008.

Deck Loggers are designed and built for operating in the harsh environments found on commercial fishing vessels; waterproof, hard wearing and tough.

All Deck Loggers all feature internally battery powered, high visibility screens, rugged key pads, and simple intuitive data entry processes.

Easy to operate with wet fingers and gloves.

Fully customizable to suit your requirements

Every sampling project generally requires a unique set of data entry options. ZebraTech has developed the Deck Logger to be a highly versatile and customizable workhorse.

We work with you to develop the data entry scheme that meets your sampling requirements. We then translate the scheme into an application that runs on the Deck Logger. Due to the operating system we have developed for the Deck Logger, your custom application can be developed quickly and efficiently.

Deck Loggers can be configured to automatically capture data from ZebraTech’s wireless Wet Tags and Measuring boards. This speeds up data capture.

A variety of data offload methods exist, including simple USB thumb drive, cellular and satellite.


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