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ZebraTech has produced a wide range of products over the years. Due to global component supply issues, ZebraTech will no longer manufacture the products below but will continue to support customers as best we can under the current operating circumstances.

Diver Caliper

The world’s only underwater self-logging dive caliper. Simple to use and accurate.  Measure & record in diverse marine & freshwater environments.

Dive Calipers log the caliper jaw measurement, time and date and optionally the depth, at the push of a button.

Maximize your productivity and data quality during valuable dive time.

Digital Measuring Board

Tough, reliable and accurate. The Digital Measuring Board has been designed to operate in small open fishing boats and harsh environments.

Data is accurately & reliably captured with a range of measuring modes. Ideal for shellfish and smaller fish species.

Wet Tag

Submersible temperature and depth loggers that are compact & affordable.

Wet Tags are built tough. Valuable data is recorded amd offloaded automatically.

Deck Logger

Deck Loggers for recording fisheries catch data. Designed and built for the harsh working conditions found on commercial fishing vessels.

Integrate with ZebraTech wireless Wet Tags and Measuring boards to provide a rapid data collection system.

Fully customizable to efficiently capture the data you need.

SEA Ring

The array is robust and easy to use. It features integrated physiochemical and passive sampling capabilities, so avoids the need to collect, transport and re-create environmental conditions in the lab thereby reducing the risk of denaturing sediment samples.

SEA Ring’s rugged, durable design features an easy to use organism delivery device and reliable water circulation system. Battery powered, the autonomous device can operate for extended deployments unattended.

Seep Sampling

The UltraSeep system is an integrated autonomous underwater seepage meter and water sampling system, for quantifying discharge rates and chemical loading from groundwater flow to coastal waters.

Direct time series in-situ measurements of advective flux and contaminant concentration at a particular location are recorded by the Ultraseep system.

This allows an accurate determination of the presence or absence of underwater groundwater flow and associated contaminant flux.

Trident Seep Detection

The Trident Probe system provides a rapid method for undertaking underwater groundwater seep detection and sampling field surveys.

The direct push probes enable simultaneous underwater groundwater detection, and pore water sampling, to a variety of depths.

ZebraTech works closely with Coastal Monitoring Associates, who are leading specialists in underwater groundwater seep detection and sampling field surveys and analysis.


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