Deck Logger for catch sampling / fisheries surveys
Wet-Tags- data collection for Pots, dredges and nets
D-OPTO instruments
Diver with Diver logger on his back. Wireless data collection for catch sampling
Seep detection with the trident probe

Customer testimonials:

Built for harsh environments: “On the first day we used BERT*, we got airborne crossing the bar; BERT hit the roof of the cabin, then slammed down onto the deck, and we’ve been happily using it ever since!”           

Geoff Basher, Canterbury lobster Fisherman *BERT is the NZ lobster fisheries nickname for the Zebra-Tech Cray Logger. 

Reliable:“I am currently using one of your Hydro-Wiper brush units on my SUNA.  The combination SUNA/Hydro-Wiper has been, in the last three years, the most reliable instrument in our package of instruments.”

Dr. William J. Ullman. School of Marine Science and Policy, University of Delaware

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Aside from manufacturing our own innovative products, Zebra-Tech are proud to be New Zealand exclusive agents for these outstanding companies.


RBR The Canadian sensor and logger manufacturer.
Teledyne For the Impulse range of connectors.
Seapoint The American based sensor manufacturer.


We work with you. A lot of our product development comes about because a customer likes our product….but needs something a little bit different. Zebra-Tech is not a “one size fits all”  company. We work for our customers to provide solutions and to make research and data collection easier in harsh environments.

Collaboration for fisheries catch sampling

Zebra-Tech works alongside the New Zealand Lobster industry and the New Zealand Paua Industry. The New Zealand coastline is wild, remote and unyielding. Our products have to be tough enough to meet the demands of this environment. Our catch sampling products are proven in the field.