Digital Measuring Board


Fast efficient sampling: save time, reduce data entry errors.

Now available in two sizes: Standard and extended

Measure hundreds or thousands of samples quickly and easily without any paperwork, without having to type it all in manually. Just email the .csv file to whoever needs it. Get real value with the field proven Digital Measuring Board.

Huge cost savings: Save time, save resources, get more done in a day and reduce the risk of data entry errors with a high quality instrument.

We listened: Developed after consultation with researchers and field technicians, we identified the lack of suitable tools for taking field measurements of shellfish and smaller species. Precision calipers with cables or bluetooth – were supposedly water resistant but the buttons allowed water in…the cables cracked…they didn’t last more than a few weeks…corrosion set in.

We developed the Digital Measuring Board to solve those issues:

Splashproof – you can clean it with a hose

Logging – internal storage of 10000 single measurements or 5000 double ones

Wireless – Offload to an IOS, android device, or a Zebra-Tech Deck Logger

Tough! – Engineering plastics and marine grade stainless steel construction.


Testing the new Zebra-Tech Digital Measuring Board in a processing environment.

Push button measurement and recording:

Rugged and splashproof for measurements in the field, on research vessels, in processing plants, on commercial fishing vessels and in wet labs. It also integrates with the Deck Logger. As the name suggests, the Digital Measuring Board is electronic with a digital display to show you measurements as well as to give you menu options such as “delete last entry” and “select modes” (It has four modes to suit different types of sampling). It logs and wirelessly off loads data to an android device or Zebra-Tech Deck Logger.

Simplicity: The Digital Measuring Board is designed to be easy to use – simply slide and click to record measurements and then wirelessly offload the .csv to your android or IOS device. It will store up to 10000 single measurements allowing you to do a full day of surveying without needing to offload. The standard unit has been crafted to measure smaller samples (up to 230mm) whilst the new extended version measures up to 720mm quickly and easily.

Proven in the field: Like all Zebra-Tech products, the Digital Measuring Board has been developed in consultation with industry and trialed in the field prior to release. It is currently in use in New Zealand and Australia with commercial shellfish operations.



Cost savings:

Measuring shellfish and other small species by hand is slow and labor intensive…

Using a more “traditional” fish measuring board or similar ruled device and noting the results by pen into a pre-ruled table and then entering all that data into a spreadsheet takes too much time and increases the risk of error.

The Digital Measuring Board allows you to simply “slide and click” to record your data in CSV format ready for wireless offload to your Android device.

The unit also records time and date information for each sample. This unit will pay for itself quickly while improving your sampling.

Aquaculture trials


Process plant early trials:

First of all a big thank you to the teams at both Cloudy Bay and Talley’s for allowing us to field test our electronic measuring boards in their factories. It is great to be based in Nelson, New Zealand so close to the fisheries and aquaculture industry. Zebra-Tech values this close collaboration with local businesses.

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Scallop measurement with the Zebra-Tech Digital measuring Board

 Scallop surveys using the Digital Measuring Board

The Digital Measuring Board is being used in New Zealand and in the U.K for scallop surveys and measuring thousands of scallops quickly and easily without all the paperwork.

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 Digital Measuring Board Gallery

The Digital Measuring Board at work in a variety of environments.

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Zebra-Tech Digital Measuring Board render

 Digital Measuring Board Manual

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