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D-Opto Dissolved Oxygen Sensor and Logger

Field proven dissolved oxygen instruments you can trust

The D-Opto range

D-Opto optical dissolved oxygen instruments are very stable, making them ideal for long term monitoring of dissolved oxygen in streams, rivers, lakes and marine environments.

The range consists of:

  • D-Opto Sensor
  • D-Opto Logger
  • D-Opto Shutter
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D-Opto Sensor

A tried and trusted optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor. The D-Opto is widely used by local governments, research institutes, water authorities, and universities around the world because of its reliability and simplicity.

No oxygen is consumed during sampling, so it can therefore be used in still water without compromising accuracy.

The D-Opto has a copper ring surrounding the optical window to reduce bio-fouling. For situations where bio-fouling is extreme, the D-Opto can be fitted with the optional D-Opto Shutter system.

Technical Specifications

  • Measures temperature, dissolved oxygen saturation and dissolved oxygen content
  • SDI-12 signal output
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple calibration procedure
  • Copper anti-fouling ring around the optical window
  • 30 meter depth rating
  • No consumables
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D-Opto Logger

The D-Opto Logger is a fully self-contained dissolved oxygen logger

Simple to operate and easy to deploy, the D-Opto Logger can endure long field deployments between servicing.

The field replaceable 9-volt standard battery and simple software with data graphing function makes field servicing and data downloading quick and straightforward.

The D-Opto Logger can record 10,000 data records into non-volatile memory. Each data record consists of the time and date, battery voltage, dissolved oxygen percent saturation and content (PPM) and temperature. Depending on the logging interval, the battery endurance can last over 100 days.

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D-Opto Shutter

For harsh environments and situations where bio-fouling is extreme, the D-Opto Shutter system can be fitted to the D-Opto Sensor (not currently available for the D-Opto Logger).

The Shutter is a mechanical device that simply attaches to the side of the D-Opto, and is controlled by the same data logger that controls the D-Opto.

Between measurements the Shutter completely covers and protects the optical sensing window of the D-Opto. This prevents bio-fouling from developing, and sediments from accumulating, and protects the optical window from impact. Whenever a measurement is required, the shutter opens to expose the sensing window.

The D-Opto Shutter is simple to fit and straightforward to integrate into existing installations. Power consumption is very low. The D-Opto Shutter features self monitoring on-board intelligence that ensures reliable operation, even in the most hostile unpredictable environment.

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