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A growing need, a proven solution.

Hydro-Wipers are increasingly in demand for cleaning underwater camera housings. Anti-fouling is required where cameras are moored for extended periods. The Hydro-Wiper has been used and trusted for years to wipe optical sensors deployed in aquatic environments. Now, the same proven technology is being applied to in-situ underwater cameras.

Typical applications:

Reef cameras, Sea-grass experimental observations, estuary and coastal studies, river invasive flora studies, structural investigations…we field inquiries from a variety of sources and can often use our expertise to customize an anti-fouling system for the specific instrument.

What camera housings can we wipe?

Generally, flatter surfaces are easier to wipe, and we also have to consider how the Hydro-Wiper will be mounted but talk to us about your specific needs. In the first instance, photos, technical drawings or links to the model are good places to start. From there we may need to get more detailed drawings or (preferably) the actual camera housing shipped to us so our design team can work out a solution for you.

ZebraTech works closely with you to customize Hydro-Wipers for your project. Tell us what device you need a Hydro-Wiper for and we will be in touch soon.

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Ikelite underwater housing with Hydro-Wiper

Integrated Hydro-Wiper

HD Static camera

Scout GoPro housing with Hydro-Wiper

I-Pix GoPro housing with Hydro-Wiper

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