Zebra-Tech Ltd is a New Zealand based company specialising in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for underwater research and fisheries catch sampling.


Hydro-Wiper for OBS 3 Data Logger controlled


D-OPTO instruments

Seep Detection

Seep detection with the trident probe

SEA Rings

Sea Rings

Deck Logger

Deck Logger for catch sampling / fisheries surveys


Wet-Tags- data collection for Pots, dredges and nets

Diver Logger

Diver with Diver logger on his back. Wireless data collection for catch sampling

Dive Callipers

Dive Callipers for Milford Sea Urchin

Ikelite Underwater camera housing with Hydro-Wiper
Just one example of a custom Hydro-Wiper design- This one for an Ikelite housing.

Underwater cam?  Hydro-Wipers help capture better images underwater for longer:

Beneath the waves, there is a whole new world to view… don’t let your vision be obscured by bio-fouling.

Increasingly, researchers are turning to the use of underwater cameras to record changes and observe habitats underwater. Zebra-Tech is often asked about antifouling solutions for underwater camera housings. The same rugged technology we use to keep sensors clear can also be applied to a wide range of underwater camera housings.

Recent designs include versions to fit GoPro housings such as the Scout and the I Pix. Another, the Ikelite housing features a longer arm to wipe the larger housing. Please talk to our design team if you have a camera housing in mind and we can check to see if it will suit a custom Hydro-Wiper.

Hydro-Wipers are either self-contained units with their own battery and controller, or units which can be externally controlled – for more information please check our Hydro-Wiper page.

Fittings and clamps, extended deployment housings, unusual wipe angles…. Zebra-Tech’s in house machining facilities and design teams are constantly challenged to innovate. Providing solutions to data collection beneath the waves.

Zebra-Tech is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand representative for the following underwater instrument and equipment manufacturers:

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