Electronic catch and position reporting (IEMRS) is coming to all New Zealand fisheries

With the mandatory implementation of electronic reporting for all New Zealand commercial fisheries, Zebra-Tech has been invited to participate in the MPI run Technical Working Group. John Radford, Zebra-Tech’s Managing Director, continues to contribute his expertise to these regular meetings in Wellington.

The Working group contains subject matter experts from MPI, the commercial fishing sector and relevant solution providers, with the group chaired by MPI. It is intended to:

“Foster transparency regarding the solution development and implementation of IEMRS technology, including facilitating information sharing between all parties.” and  also ” To promote close and effective engagement between MPI, fisheries sector stakeholders and technology subject matter experts and other relevant parties to identify technical and operational implementation matters.”

The main focus is currently on:

  • Electronic Reporting (ER) – this is the replacement of the existing mixed operating model with a digital only model to record catch effort information in all commercial fishing operations in New Zealand.
  • Geospatial Position Reporting (GPR) – extension of automated position reporting to all commercial fishing operations.

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Contact Zebra-Tech for IEMRS solutions for your fishing operation. For more information on IEMRS in general, view Information on digital monitoring from Fishserve.