Fisheries Bluetooth logger

The Blue Wet Tag development kit is available for researchers and commercial fisheries management. It enables Zebra-Tech’s new “Blue Wet Tag” ( a fisheries Bluetooth logger) to be integrated into a variety of third party applications.

Zebra-Tech provides the user with a development Wet Tag which has switches to simulate a dive. Also provided are a comms cable and instructions for use. Finally, Zebra-Tech can provide a dropbox link to the source code so that the Wet Tag can send data.

The Blue Wet Tag is a Bluetooth logger that fits to static gear such as lobster and crab pots, whelk traps etc. as well as to dredges and potentially other fishing gear. Every time a Blue Wet Tag is lifted out of the water, it wirelessly and automatically offloads time series temperature and depth data together with ID and soak time information. When used with GPS on the vessel it is possible to add lift position and track information…all without paperwork or needing to manually enter data.