A sneak peek at the new Bluetooth Field Calliper

After an intensive design phase, the new Field Calliper project is taking shape on our assembly bench. This calliper will be unique. A splashproof Bluetooth Field Caliper designed for sampling in harsh conditions such as on vessel decks, in wet labs, in orchards and anywhere where rugged tools are required.

One handed! Keep a hand free to pin down a crab while you measure it’s carapace or hold back a branch while you take a diameter reading on an apple.

Consultation and feedback from members of the New Zealand lobster industry, Niwa researchers and fisheries scientists abroad has been incredibly helpful in providing us with ideas to create a product that is really simple to operate and flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications.

The Bluetooth Field caliper will be usable as a standalone instrument or integrated with the Zebra-Tech Deck Logger which will enable other data to be added to the .csv file generated.

Zebra-Tech Deck Logger with peripherals

Zebra-Tech Deck Logger with peripherals with the soon to be released Bluetooth Field Calliper

Design Highlights:

  • One handed operation
  • 3 buttons allow various modes and measurement options
  • Internal memory to store 1000s of measurements
  • Bluetooth offload to Android or IPhone
  • Easily readable display with battery and memory indicator, measurement, sample count and measurement display
  • Rugged construction from engineering plastics, marine grade stainless steel and anodized aluminium
  • Multiple caliper tips to suit different applications
  • Splash proof