In the Chatham Islands, 680 km off the coast of New Zealand, Paua (Abalone) divers prepare for another day on the water. They work off small vessels where boat powered systems are not feasible. Instead, Zebra-Tech provides them with portable loggers which are used not only to record catch data for log book type reporting but also to provide VMS. The units are rechargeable and use iridium to send data back to data bases for compliance use where fisheries officers and personnel from the NZ Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) can view the position of the divers as they work.

Paua (abalone) diver recording catch data

Paua (abalone) diver recording catch data with a Zebra-Tech Paua Logger. In the Chatham Islands these units include VMS capability.


VMS is an optional extra that can be provided by Zebra-Tech for its existing Paua Loggers as well as its new Deck-Logger which is designed to be used in a variety of in shore fisheries including the Shellfish, Lobster and Crab industries.

New Zebra-Tech Deck Logger in hand

New Zebra-Tech Deck Logger in hand

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