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Custom designed underwater camera and video housings with integrated antifouling

Zebra-Tech is pleased to announce a collaboration with Marine Design Engineering Ltd (MDEL) . Hydro-Wipers can now be integrated into high quality underwater camera and video housings custom made by MDEL to provide anti fouling during extended deployments.

The advantage of this system is the flexibility to customize underwater housings for the customers specific needs. Murray Birch, MDEL’s founder, has many years experience providing high quality engineering services to marine researchers and industry. Murray will work with you to provide the right solutions.

The Hydro-Wiper fitted into the housing has a 100m depth rating and can be provided with custom brushes to wipe a variety of housings.

Zebra-Tech works closely with you to customize Hydro-Wipers for your project. Tell us what device you need a Hydro-Wiper for and we will be in touch soon.

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