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Zebra-Tech supplies Teledy Impulse connectors

Teledyne impulse connectors in New Zealand -Connectors for harsh marine environments.

Zebra-Tech are New Zealand’s exclusive supplier of the Teledyne Impulse range.

Teledyne Impulse designs and manufactures high reliability electrical and optical interconnection systems, motorized power transfer switches, and custom insert molded compression connectors for a broad range of harsh environment applications.

The company’s products are proven performers in the most demanding applications, which include oceanographic exploration, spacecraft and launch vehicles, defense, oil and gas production, nuclear systems, and wastewater management.


From miniature underwater sensor connectors to ROV connectors, to the largest extremely rugged vehicle systems, Teledyne Impulse has created many innovative solutions for subsea interconnect.

For more than three decades, the Impulse range of molded splash-mate (wet pluggable) connectors has been used to provide reliable, cost effective interconnect solutions in the some of the world’s harshest environments.

Available in a large number of different sizes, shapes and contact configurations, there is an Impulse splash-mate solution readily available for most applications from the surface to the ocean floor.

• Standard circular series with up to 12 contacts

• Mini circular series with up to 18 contacts

• Micro circular series with up to 18 contacts

• Standard Low Profile Series with up to 12 contacts

• Mini Low Profile Series with up to 8 contacts

• Micro Low Profile Series with up to 9 contacts

Wet Mate connectors, as well as the Impulse Dry mate and Splash mate range are available by contacting us to discuss your needs.

The following are the three main styles of Teledyne Impulse standard connection solutions:

Dry Mateable This style is designed to be mated in a dry environment and are fully pressure rated once mated. These connectors range in size from extremely small underwater sensor connectors to large and rugged metal shell products. The rubber-molded and glass-reinforced epoxy parts are low-cost, making them a convenient yet reliable solution. Miniature, high-density metal shell connectors allow many contacts to be housed in a small area. Most of these products are designed for use with molded cable assemblies however there are also several oil-filled or pressure-balanced oil-filled options available.

Wet Mateable This style is designed with a seal on each individual contact, so that it can be mated wet, without causing shorting. Depending on the application environment or cable used, they are molded in neoprene or polyurethane. These connectors are available in a circular or low-profile, right-angled design. They are also available housed in rugged metal shells that enable the parts to be blind-mated.

Underwater Mateable This style is a pressure balanced, molded connector that allows mating and unmating at different depths, for various diver-based applications. Other Teledyne Impulse standard products include molded penetrator assemblies, magnetically operated proximity switches, and thermal wire strippers.