The Zebra-Tech Deck logger is splash proof….and by that we mean, if you drop it in the sea, assuming you have those USB and charging caps closed properly, then you will be very pleased to discover two things.

1. Your Deck Logger will float upside down in the water so that the (O-ring sealed) USB and charging caps are up out of the water and
2. Your splash proof Deck Logger is indeed well and truly splash proof.

This could be a great relief if you happen to drop it while moving it from the vessel to a smaller tender or onto the shore.

Zebra-Tech Deck Loggers are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and field tested by the fishing industry here on small open vessels used in our wild in-shore fisheries. The gear is custom built for use on a working vessel, out on deck.

Please don’t try this with your mobile phone or tablet…those aren’t made by Zebra-Tech!.

Deck Logger floats

Deck Logger floats