The SEA Ring

The SEA Ring, (Sediment Ecotoxicity Assessment Ring): Finally an effective in situ bioassay tool!

The array is robust and easy to use. It also features integrated physiochemical and passive sampling capabilities. No need to collect, transport and re-create environmental conditions in the lab thereby reducing the risk of denaturing sediment samples.

SEA Ring’s rugged, durable design features an easy to use organism delivery device, reliable water circulation system and diverless deployment capability.

It can be deployed in a wide range of geographic environments with a variety of exposure types including the sediment/water interface, surface sediment, passive sampling, and overlying water. It can also be suspended in the water column (e.g. for surficial water quality assessment).

The SEA Ring has undergone a stringent Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV)  and has been developed in collaboration with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Centre (SPAWAR) in San Diego.

SEA Ring allows the study of aqueous and sediment toxicity exposures under controlled conditions.

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Sea Rings

Ideal for numerous applications including:

  • On site, active monitoring of remediation – measures toxicity and bioaccumulation in contaminated sediments.
  • Accurate assessment of time varying stressors, from oil spills and storm water discharges to unexploded military munitions.
  • Improved certainty of ecological risk through realistic sampling and measurement in the field.