Scallop measurement with a wireless Digital Measuring Board from Zebra-Tech

Fisheries researchers in the U.K and in New Zealand are already putting the Digital Measuring Board to good use measuring thousands of scallops during their surveys.

Out in the field for a scallop survey U.K

Cold windy conditions to be doing a scallop survey. The last thing you need to worry about is paper records blowing around on a clipboard! Measuring scallops and other small species just became a whole lot easier with simple Bluetooth offload to smart phone or tablet.

Scallop survey in rough conditions with Digital Measuring Board

Simple slide and click measurement makes the job of conducting scallop surveys scallop measurement fast and easy without worrying about data entry after the trip. All the data is stored on the Digital Measuring Board ready for easy offload to your mobile device.

Scallop survey with Digital Measuring Board

Thousands of scallops measured quickly on the deck of a working vessel. shellfish measurements can be made with or without gloves. After the scallop survey, just wash the Digital Measuring Board down with a hose. Rugged technology for rough conditions.

NIWA researchers spent 2 weeks in the top of New Zealand’s South Island measuring around 28000 scallops with the Digital Measuring Board. Their feedback and assistance was critical to the fine tuning of the finished product. They sent us these great photos of the unit in action.

NIWA Scallop Survey measuring scallops with Digital Measuring Board
NIWA Scallop survey 2
Niwa scallop survey 4c