The Rock Lobster Deck Logger is widely used within the New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry. Zebra-Tech has worked together with the fishing industry to produce tools that are accepted by fishermen who understand the importance of data collection.

“CRAMAC5 works closely with Zebra-Tech, it is only through this collaborative approach between fishermen and manufacturer that the lobster industry can have confidence in the equipment it uses…”

Larnce Wichman Executive officer CRAMAC5 Lobster region. New Zealand.

Wet conditions and problem for the Lobster Deck Logger.

lobster catch sampling on deck

The Rock Lobster Logger

Lobster catch data input into the Lobster Logger

Wet-Tag trials.

Wet-Tags- data collection for Pots, dredges and nets

How many boats?  about 80 boats are using the logger to record catch data. The equipment is proven in the field.

The Rock Lobster Logger is a rugged data logger, specifically designed to simplify the recording of catch data on board New Zealand lobster vessels. Ideal for both fisheries dependent and fisheries independent surveys.

For international customers we have developed the Deck Logger – a catch sampling logger that can be customized for a wide range of fisheries.

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From 1 Deck Logger and Wet-Tag to a full suite of products for a fleet. We work with you to get the equipment you need.

The unit consists of a rugged housing with a tough membrane key pad for data entry and a bright back-lit screen that provides high visibility in a range of conditions.

The Deck unit will also be able to record data sent wirelessly from the Zebra-Tech Wet-Tag, adding pot information as well as soak time, depth and temperature.  Available internationally.

Rock lobster catch sampling:

New Zealand Lobster fishermen use the Logger to record data from both Logbook pots and commercial harvest pots. Data can be offloaded simply onto a USB flash drive. Secure, wireless options are also available.

The logbook data is completely compatible with the New Zealand Rock Lobster Voluntary Logbook Sampling Program so the offloaded data files can be directly imported into the RLCS database.

Zebra-Tech Deck Logger
Zebra-Tech boat logger