Introducing RBR’s newest logger. The RBR Duet: A dual channel- Temperature and Depth, Tide and Wave logger.

The tide recorder averages the pressure readings to provide accurate tide level and tidal slope readings.
The wave recorder measures tides and bursts continuously or intermittently to measure high frequency waves
(wave heights and periods per burst) over long deployment periods.

The RBRduet T.D recorder is available in the following configurations:

RBRduet T.D temperature and depth, up to 2 Hz continuous sampling
RBRduet T.D | fast16 temperature and depth, up to 16 Hz continuous sampling
RBRduet T.D | tide temperature and tide recorder, up to 16 Hz averaging
RBRduet T.D | wave temperature, tide, and wave recorder, up to 16Hz burst and continuous sampling


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