Anti fouling Hydro-Wiper for RBR Concerto and RBR Solo loggers: Biofouling wiped out!

RBR loggers with Hydro-Wipers, reliable biofouling control from Zebra-Tech. Hydro-Wipers are designed to fit a range of optical sensors including several of those commonly attached to RBR instruments. Recent versions fit RBR Solo and RBR concerto logger bodies so that Seapoint turbidity sensors can be wiped. Customers have the option of having either a cable mounted or a bulkhead mounted Tu sensor which can be wiped using one of Zebra-Tech’s innovative mechanical wipers. Other cabled optical sensors including popular models such as the Cyclops, the LiCor 192, the OBS3+ and the Chelsea Trilux can also be wiped.  RBR loggers with Hydro-Wipers are often deployed in remote locations where the cost of servicing and maintenance is prohibitively expensive.

RBR loggers with Hydro-Wipers - reliable biofouling control.

RBR Solo with Seapoint Tu and Hydro-Wiper

Bio fouling as well as sand, mud and grit have a huge impact on data quality and Zebra-Tech Hydro-Wipers are a proven solution to this frustrating problem. They gently wipe optical windows to prevent biofouling from getting established…they also clear away obstructions such as silt and debris.

RBR loggers with Hydro-Wipers - reliable biofouling control.

RBR concerto with Seapoint Tu with Hydro-Wiper

RBR loggers with Hydro-Wipers – reliable biofouling control.

These Hydro-Wipers are ideal for deployments in coastal areas including estuaries where the problem of bio-fouling is of particular concern. The self-contained battery and control housing operates using 6 standard AA energizer batteries and will wipe at a user-selected interval for several months. Longer deployments are also possible depending on conditions by using an extended deployment battery housing with extra battery capacity.