Paua Boat Logger and Diver logger: Helping the New Zealand Paua (abalone) industry gather fine scale catch data.

Zebra-Tech has been working with the New Zealand Paua Industry Council since 2010, developing fine scale data logging equipment.The data collected is uploaded onto a custom database developed by Dragonfly Science (, to provide high resolution fine scale catch effort in near real time.

The equipment includes a Boat Logger and a Diver Logger.

The Paua Boat Logger is a rugged self contained deck unit, designed to be operated in small boats. The unit records the boat track, time and position of the landed catch, swell conditions and water visibility.

The Paua Boat Logger can optionally be supplied with radio data link capability, enabling it to wirelessly offload data from the Paua Diver Logger.

Data is offloaded from the Paua Boat Logger to a PC using simple Windows software. The data can then be uploaded directly onto the Dragonfly database, or viewed using Google Earth and Excel.

Deck Logger upgrades:

From 2017 the Deck Logger has begun replacing the role and functionality of the Boat Logger as it is a more modern and flexible system but it is pleasing to know that many of the older Boat Loggers have been going strong for 8 years!

The Paua (abalone) Boat Logger


Paua Diver Logger

paua tender and diver

Fine scale catch data from Boat logger

The Diver Logger, sometimes nick named a “turtle” fits in a small pouch on the diver’s back: *Important notice. The neoprene pouches used by some divers, such as in the photo below, do not allow enough clear space around the ends of the Diver Logger. New, more suitable versions are available from Mike at Ocean Hunter

The Diver Logger activates when it is immersed, it records GPS position at the surface and adds dive times, depth and some temperature data. When it comes within range of the Paua Boat logger, it wirelessly offloads the data. Note that abalone data collection is done in this way because New Zealand Paua divers are free divers. Other solutions may be possible for surface feed divers including electronic tagging of catch bags.

On the small in shore boats favored by New Zealand Paua divers, it is essential to have gear built incredibly tough to cope with the conditions. Zebra-Tech has worked closely with the Paua industry to design and manufacture gear that can be trusted to perform.

Paua (abalone) diver recording catch data