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Specialised products to support field scientists

SEA Ring

Designed and manufactured by Zebra-Tech and working in conjunction with SPAWAR, the Sediment Eco-toxicity Assessment Ring now allows accurate bio-assay analysis to be undertaken in the field.

The array is robust and easy to use. It features integrated physiochemical and passive sampling capabilities, so avoids the need to collect, transport and re-create environmental conditions in the lab thereby reducing the risk of denaturing sediment samples.

SEA Ring’s rugged, durable design features an easy to use organism delivery device and reliable water circulation system. Battery powered, the autonomous device can operate for extended deployments unattended.

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Trident Seep Detection

The Trident Probe system provides a rapid method for undertaking underwater groundwater seep detection and sampling field surveys.

The direct push probes enable simultaneous underwater groundwater detection, and pore water sampling, to a variety of depths.

Zebra-Tech works closely with Coastal Monitoring Associates, who are leading specialists in underwater groundwater seep detection and sampling field surveys and analysis.

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Seep Sampling

The UltraSeep system is an integrated autonomous underwater seepage meter and water sampling system, for quantifying discharge rates and chemical loading from groundwater flow to coastal waters.

Direct time series in-situ measurements of advective flux and contaminant concentration at a particular location are recorded by the Ultraseep system.

This allows an accurate determination of the presence or absence of underwater groundwater flow and associated contaminant flux.

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