Zebra-Tech releases its latest anti-fouling, mechanical Hydro-Wiper: Hydro-Wiper for the Ponsel Turbidity Sensor

Ask anyone deploying underwater monitoring equipment long term and they will tell you that one of their biggest gripes, and challenges, is keeping sensors clean enough to provide accurate and consistent data over the term of their deployment. This can often be a costly and labour intensive task.

Whether it’s stirred up detritus from the river bed, or a an algal slime gunging up the sensor window or a snail trailing its way across a lens, the ever present risk of lost data is magnified by the harsh realities of sampling in an aquatic environment. Zebra-Tech’s release of the new Hydro-Wiper for Ponsel’s turbidity sensor will be a welcome relief. 

The Ponsel approved Hydro-Wiper is the newest edition to Zebra-Tech’s family of mechanical wipers which gently cleans the surface of sensor windows and lenses without causing damage to the sensor or interfering with data collection. Hydro-Wipers are available for a wide variety of underwater sensors and cameras.

The Hydro-Wiper for Ponsel’s turbidity meter is available as standard with a depth rating of 30m or 100m.

Hydro-Wipers are available as a battery powered self-contained unit which can be deployed for up to 4 months on a set of batteries, or as an externally powered and controlled unit.