Solutions in Environmental Monitoring was founded by former researches of the Ocean Engineering Program of COPPE/UFRJ. It has its headquarters in COPPE Technology Based Business Incubator, and it focuses in supplying the offshore market with high-level services in the purchase, processing and analysis of meteoceanographic data, including bathymetric surveys.

Aqualab (Australia)

Established over 25 years ago, Aqualab has its head office in Sydney Australia with a branch in Adelaide and Sales and Service representatives in other Australian states. Aqualab is committed to providing it’s Australian customers with the “best technologies and services to provide reliable data that enables customers to make informed water resource decisions.” 

 Aqualab works exclusively with a handful of manufacturers who are undoubtedly world leaders in their fields. Aqualab Scientific prides itself on the level of service before and after you purchase the product, offering technical support for the life of the instrument.

Asicon (Geometius)

 Asicon, based in Belgium  became a division of Geometius (Netherlands) on December 1st, 2014.  Asicon is our BeNeLux Agent for the Hydro-Wiper range. As a division of Geometius,  Asicon is specialized in hardware and software solutions for hydrographic and oceanographic applications. In addition to providing quality equipment and software, they also provide installation, maintenance, repair and rental equipment.


CPU Unterwassertechnik (Germany)

CPU-Unterwassertechnik ist Ausrüster für unterwassertechnische Systeme.

CPU Unterwassertechnik is based in Bremen, Germany and offers technical solutions in the field of :

  • Imaging systems
  • Lighting
  • Measurement
  • Hydroacoustic
  • Vehicles (ROV/AUV)
  • Accessories and OEM parts


FDS (Sweden)

FDS Matteknik is a company with many years of experience in measurement systems and data loggers for different purposes.

We can provide solutions to all levels, from equipment for scientific research into reliable and cost effective sensors.






Fondriest Environmental (USA)

Fondriest Environmental is a leading distributor and integrator of equipment for natural resource professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Their team of specialists can help customers understand the products they are buying and make the correct decisions out in the field. They seek to understand project needs, devise a comprehensive solution, provide the equipment and know-how to implement it, and then offer long-term project support for whatever needs arise.




INNOVA Oceanografia Litoral (Spain)

INNOVA coastal oceanography, founded in 1997, specializes in oceanographic services and supplies for monitoring and control of dynamic variables at sea. We provide installation and maintenance Wave Buoy, Doppler profilers, weather stations and all kinds of systems monitoring at sea.

INNOVA coastal oceanography is a company committed to conducting studies, analysiss and projects aimed at finding the best possible management and resolution of problems relating to the marine environment, facilitating a rational, responsible and sustainable exploitation of limited resources it offers us.

LinkOcean (China)

“(五) 我们位于中国最领先的海洋科技城市之一青岛市崂山区,这样可以更好的服务海洋科技工作者。LinkOcean is headquartered in Qingdao, one of the leading cities for marine technologies in China, better location means better services for our clients.” LinkOcean are Zebra-Tech’s exclusive Agents for Hydro-Wipers in China. 



Lwandle Technologies (Southern Africa)

Lwandle Technologies offers a variety of services in the fields of oceanographic and meteorological measurement, environmental impact assessment, and marine surveys. Lwandle Technologies is also involved in the sales and maintenance of oceanographic instrumentation and has highly trained technical personnel to assist clients with all aspects of marine instrumentation and application.


Mepeco S.r.l (Italy)

Born as a pure Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment representation Agency, Mepeco S.r.l has expanded through the years embracing new fields of application in the Energy sector as well as in the Marine & Environmental Sciences (Water & Air).

Today, they have have a division focused on marine sciences, underwater technology and environmental monitoring: sensors, instruments and components for oceanography, underwater robotics and water quality monitoring.


Metocean Services International (Pty) Ltd ( Australia)

Metocean Services International provides meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) services in over 45 countries globally.  Using state of the art equipment, MSI provides professional, cost effective global solutions in response to their clients requirements for accurate metocean information. In addition, MSI represent a number of market leading manufacturers in Australia including Zebra-Tech


Oceantech is a South Korean supplier of specialized equipment for the oceanographic, meteorological and maritime industries. They offer a broad range of equipment and services through their extensive list of agents and suppliers.

Ocean Instruments (U.K ., France, Cuba)

In 2007 Kelso Riddell formed Ocean Instruments Ltd to represent oceanographic equipment manufacturers including McLane Research Laboratories Inc., Seapoint Sensors Inc., and Zebra-Tech Ltd, with whom he already had longstanding relationships.

Kelso has over 40 years’ experience in the oceanographic community. He was one of the founders of Oceano Instruments (now iXBlue) in 1977 – world leaders active in underwater acoustics, navigation and positioning, acoustic releases, and inertial navigation. Over the years, he has been involved in projects from the shallow waters of inshore rivers to the full depths of the world’s oceans, and from the tropics to the arctic zones.

Ocean Instruments is also active in the Caribbean zone, particularly in Cuba, where Kelso’s fluent Spanish and understanding of the culture put him in a unique position to promote oceanographic equipment in that area, while following his side interests in promoting Cuban music groups and taking them all over the world.

Technopole  (Russia)

The company was founded in 1992. The head office is located in Dubna 100 km north of Moscow on the Volga River and the Ivankovo ​​Reservoir. In 2007, we opened a Moscow office.

Main activities:

System integration, engineering, consultancy, supply, installation, commissioning, training, repair and maintenance of equipment and software to solve problems in the following areas:

  • hydrography
  • hydrometry
  • hydrochemistry
  • testing (dynamic, climatic and vibrational)
  • inertial navigation
  • marine geology
  • oceanography
  • underwater work
  • positioning and tracking
  • topography