Hydro-Wipers enable moored deployments with PAR sensors by gently wiping biofouling from the sensor.

Zebra-Tech regularly gets enquiries for antifouling solutions that can enable PAR sensors and loggers to be deployed in marine and freshwater environments. The Hydro-Wiper is a proven and popular mechanical wiper that is used by researchers in many countries to keep sensors clean.

Self-Contained flexibility:

Installing a PAR sensor/logger in situ? For PAR sensors moored where cabled power sources are not practical, the self contained Hydro-Wiper is the perfect solution. It has its own battery and control housing including a timer allowing the user to set the frequency of the wipe. A set of fresh energizer AA batteries will allow the unit to wipe every hour for over 6 months.

The Odyssey PAR and the Licor PAR:

Zebra-Tech has standard models for the Odyssey Par logger http://odysseydatarecording.com , and the Licor PAR 192SA sensor. The Licor is often combined with an RBR Solo or other RBR units, contact Zebra-Tech your New Zealand RBR agent. If you have a different PAR sensor that you would like a wiper for, talk to us as we can often customise a solution for your project.