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Rugged and durable field measuring board

The digital measuring board

Rugged and splash proof for accurate measurements in the field, on research vessels, in processing plants, on commercial fishing vessels, wet labs and harsh environments.

Fast and simple to operate, the Digital Measuring Board records the measurement in combination with the choice of 2 measurement identification buttons. Each measurement includes time and date.

User select operation modes provide a choice of measurement sequences. A field site identification system enables measurements to be location linked.

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Push button measurement and recording:

Battery powered and self logging, the Digital Measuring Board can be used as a highly mobile standalone device.

Data is simply offloaded wirelessly to the freely available ZebraTech app for Android and IOS devices.

In addition to internally recording, every measurement is transmitted wirelessly. The optional ZebraTech wireless receiver dongle can be used to capture real time measurements to a computer. Alternatively, ZebraTech Deck Loggers can be used to record and process real-time measurements, in combination with Wet Tags and manually entered data.

Available in 2 models; standard 230mm measurement length, and extended 1000mm length.

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Scallop surveys using the Digital Measuring Board

The ZebraTech Digital Measuring Board is being used in New Zealand and in the U.K for extensive scallop surveys, measuring tens of thousands of scallops quickly and easily without all the paperwork.

Operating on the open decks of commercial fishing boats, sea spray and shell grit are no problem for the Measuring Boards. The smooth sliding action and simple “press to measure” enables the daunting workload to be undertaken quickly and efficiently.

At the end of the day, the data is simply offloaded onto a mobile device and the Measuring Board hosed off, ready to go for the next day.

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