How can you keep cameras clean underwater? that’s a tricky one but Zebra-Tech can at least help you keep the camera window clear from biofouling during those long deployments.

University of Washington underwater camera deployment

James Joslin, a Mechanical Engineer with the applied physics lab at the University of Washington was kind enough to send us in some photos of their underwater camera system. Most surfaces have extensive biofouling but they were able to keep cameras clean underwater and get good footage by wiping the housing window at regular intervals using the Zebra-Tech Hydro-Wiper. We love getting field deployment photos of our gear in use so thank you James!

“Attached are a few pictures of how we have them setup on our system. There is a copper ring around an acrylic view port that they wipe across. This setup has worked very well for long term deployments where everything else gets covered in biofouling, as you can see in the pictures….We have been very happy with the Hydro-Wiper and would love to see more people using them.” – James Joslin.


Camera system with Hydro-Wipers

Underwater Camera system with Hydro-Wipers 1

Underwater camera system with wiper

Underwater camera system with Hydro-Wiper 2