Sensor anti fouling for Great Barrier catchment monitoring.

Zebra-Tech has shipped 12 Hydro-Wipers for the TriOS Opus to Control Components in Australia for catchment monitoring.

These Hydro-Wipers will be keeping the TriOS Opus sensor clear from debris and biofouling while they are deployed in rivers feeding into the seas around the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia.

Dr Eike Breitbarth, the founder of REZO, TriOS agent for New Zealand, explains that the TriOS Opus is unique in its ability to deploy in waterways with changing salinity conditions; from fresh to brackish to seawater. This makes them ideal for deployment in coastal catchments. As part of an integrated catchment monitoring system they will be providing catchment managers and scientists with important water quality data which will allow them to study the impact catchment outflow is having on Australia’s most famous reef.

For more information about the Hydro-Wiper, contact us.