In response to a number of enquiries, Zebra-Tech has developed a new Hydro Wiper model specifically for the WET Labs C-Star.

The C-Star takes underwater measurements of beam transmittance, this process creates extra challenges for the Hydro-Wiper with two surfaces needing to be wiped to ensure bio-fouling doesn’t compromise data integrity.

Zebra-Tech core products manager David Edgar is very pleased with the new design and it’s performance noting that it has low energy consumption and wipes both lenses effectively.

As with all Zebra-Tech Hydro-Wipers, the C-Star Hydro-Wiper uses a mechanical wiper to gently clean the sensor surface without damaging sensitive components. Easy to deploy, and reliable, Hydro-Wipers are available for a range of underwater sensors and camera lenses. The wiper is controllable either with a data logger or as a self-contained unit

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C-Star Transmissometer with Hydro-Wiper

The New Hydro-Wiper for C-Star Transmissometer Keeps the C-Star clear of bio-fouling.