For researchers deploying fish light traps underwater, Zebra-Tech has designed a tough new lighting system.

The first batch of  lights will be for Victoria University of New Zealand. One of it’s excellent design features is that, rather than a timer, the light trap activates when it gets dark and continues to run until battery power reaches a low level when it will automatically perform a shutdown.


Research Diver Daniel McNaughtan of the Coastal Ecology Laboratory asked us to modify his existing light traps so we added some smart technology including light sensor activation, user adjustable brightness  (luminous flux (Lumen) output), a simple digital display showing ambient light level and current light activation setting as well as a battery charge level and status indicator.

The Green LED light system is enclosed in a tough 30m depth rated tube. The electronics and housing were all designed at Zebra-Tech’s workshops in Nelson, New Zealand.

The new design also makes it easier to detach and charge the battery with a newly designed battery housing featuring Teledyne wet plug-gable connectors.  For anyone considering purchasing Zebra-Tech Fish trap light system (please note, this is only the light system not the fish trap itself) It can be shipped in relatively short runs of 10 units or more.

Fish trap light systems such as these are deployed by researchers to trap larval and juvenile fish.

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