Dive Callipers

UW-Calipers make underwater surveys a breeze!

The Dive Calipers are the world’s only underwater measuring self-logging caliper.  Simple to use and accurate, the field-tough submersible recording calipers are a unique and valuable tool for a wide variety of underwater surveys and measuring jobs.

At the push of a button, the Dive Calipers log the caliper jaw measurement, time and date, and optionally the water depth.

Zebra-Tech’s Dive Calipers maximize productivity and data quality during valuable dive time.  They speed up data collection for divers, who can take measurements in only one dive, instead of repeat dives.

The UW Calipers are ideal for field work in activities such as:

  • benthic and marine surveys
  • aquaculture
  • fisheries research
  • industrial diving
  • underwater paleontology
  • marine farming
  • underwater archeology

• Logs caliper measurement, depth (with optional depth sensor), time and date at the push of a button

• 0 to 240mm measurement range, 0.5mm resolution

• 40m water depth rating

• Store 8000 measurements in non volatile memory

• Operates for over 40 hours on a charge

• Simple Windows software offloads the data into an Excel spreadsheet format

• Various jaw shapes available to suit different measuring job