Viewing fisheries catch data from the Deck Logger:

The Wet Tag, combined with the Deck Logger from Zebra-Tech allows fisheries managers and researchers to gather fisheries catch data from static gear.

The data can populate fields automatically in the Zebra-Tech Deck Logger. All this information can then be combined with other catch information and output in .csv or .kml files.

Lobster pot hauling
Wet Tag for fisheries data
Deck Logger in hand with Key protector

Usually, Deck Logger data is stored as .csv files which can be opened in spread-sheeting/database software such as Excel (see below). However .kml files are another excellent way to get visual summaries of static gear deployments. If your Deck Logger has been set up to record .kml files, simply double clicking on the file will open Google Earth (if you have it installed and up to date on your PC) allows you to see all the recorded landings.

The Deck Logger records the position of each Wet Tag and further information such as depth, temperature and catch data can be displayed by clicking on each point in Google Earth as shown in the video above.

*This data has been modified to protect the privacy of the fishing operator. Actual positions and some details are different from the original data set.