Deck Logger for catch sampling and reporting

Fisheries dependent and independent catch sampling and fish surveys - customized.

Proven catch sampling technology.

The new Deck Logger

Zebra-Tech Deck Logger for fisheries data collection
Zebra-Tech Deck Logger for fisheries data collection
lobster catch sampling on deck

Introducing the new Deck Logger by Zebra-Tech

This is it, a rugged, full featured data collection tool for researchers and fisheries monitoring. Affordable and designed to handle tough conditions.

Gone are the days of expensive software development and searching for waterproof covers and tablets. The Deck Logger can handle it all because it is designed specifically for vessel decks, catch sampling and reporting.

Optional VMS. Rechargeable, or plug it into boat power. Integrate it with Wet-Tags or the Digital Measuring board to get data both automatically and manually without having to write it all down.

What catch sampling are you doing?

The system that meets your needs: We talk with you, work out a custom menu and key sequence for your sampling program. We script it for you and give you hardware that is industry proven to handle conditions on a working boat.

Cost effective: A solution for log book programs and fleetwide research.  The Deck Logger can be customized to meet a variety of needs.

Proven in the field: The New Zealand lobster industry and the New Zealand Paua (Abalone) industry use our gear year in year out. Fishermen asked us to design and build tough gear they could use. So we did with the Paua Logger and the Cray Logger. Now we have developed an entirely new data collection system. The Deck Logger.

Deck Logger external connections
Deck Logger external connections
Deck Logger dropped in sea - no problem! up close
Deck Logger dropped in sea - no problem! up close

Sea spray, cold fingers, wet gloves

The Deck Logger  consists of a rugged housing with a tough membrane key pad for data entry and a bright back-lit screen that provides high visibility for fish surveys in a range of conditions.

Do a full days fishing on a full charge of the internal battery or plug it in to your boats power supply.

The Deck Logger case is fully machined from impact resistant polyethylene, with a tough polycarbonate front plate with O ring seals.

It even floats!

The tactile buttons can be used by operators wearing gloves, and since the Deck Logger is splash resistant, it can be operated in wet conditions.

At the heart of the Deck Logger is the Custom Application. The custom application is unique for each data logging task. It is developed by Zebra-Tech in consultation with the end user. The custom application determines what the screen displays, what happens when each button is pressed, what data is logged, and many other functions

Lobster catch data input into the Lobster Logger
Lobster catch data input into the Lobster Logger

Data collection

 Here you can see  examples of data being recorded and presented.

Some data can be input automatically via wireless from Zebra-Tech peripherals such as the Wet-Tag. If you haven’t had a look at that page, it’s here. GPS positions are also automatic.

Manual input is easy, both fishermen and researchers use the Deck Logger to record log book type data. Examples include:

  • Catch and by-catch
  • Weather and sea conditions
  • Length, width, weight
  • Bait type
  • Trap type
  • Species and sex

Optimized for you, there are no unnecessary fields. There are no missing fields either! Read more and see some examples Here

Deck Logger on a cray boat
Deck Logger on a cray boat

Case study:

Learn how New Zealand Lobster fishermen are collecting data for their industry to drive sustainability and profits with gear they trust.

Full case study here

Paua (abalone) diver recording catch data

 Abalone (Paua) sampling case study

Zebra-Tech has a variety of data collection tools ideal for shellfish catch sampling.

Case Study

Deck logger in use gallery

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A showcase of our fisheries suite. We always welcome new photos of Zebra-Tech gear in use.

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Deck Logger in hand with Key protector

Download a Wet Tag intro sheet

Deck Logger Intro Sheet