The 2015 NZMSS Technology Award Supported by Zebra-Tech Ltd.- Josefina Peters Didier, The University of Auckland.

“Nutrition during larval development and metamorphosis of the commercial sea cucumber Australostichopus mollis

Zebra-Tech was pleased to be able to present this award at the 2015 New Zealand Marine Science Society (NZMSS) conference dinner held last week. We feel it is important to recognise the hard work and innovative thinking of our marine scientists. Perhaps Josefina expressed it best…” it’s a massive encouragement to keep working hard getting science out there”.

A big thank you also to all those who stopped by the Zebra-Tech booth for a chat, the NZMSS conference is always a great chance for us to learn more about research being done in NZ. Zebra-Tech makes Instrumentation for underwater monitoring and research as well as innovative tools for catch sampling.