Zebra-Tech Ltd was established in Nelson New Zealand in 2002.


The team at Zebra-Tech includes a  managing director, an operations manager, marketing and technical sales personnel, production and QC  manager, draftsmen,  assembly technicians, electronics engineers, software engineers, machinists, and an office manager.


Zebra-Tech’s core business is designing and manufacturing highly specialized instruments and equipment for the marine environment.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Collaborative work with the New Zealand Rock Lobster and Paua (Abalone) Fisheries to develop data loggers and dive loggers.
  • Development of the Hydro-Wiper; a rugged mechanical wiper for keeping underwater sensors clear in extreme environments.
  • The design and construction of the world’s only underwater calipers with self logging functionality.

In-house capabilities

“A custom designs focus with the harsh underwater environment in mind”.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative company that specializes in creating electronic instruments and equipment.

We revel in the added challenges water, mud, silt, bio-fouling, floating debris, barnacles and water pressure bring to the design and manufacture process. Our instruments are designed to enable reliable, precise and long-term use in the harshest of conditions.

Product design: complete design, development, and testing capability, 3D printer

Electronics: circuit design and testing, circuit board design and layout, PCB assembly

Product assembly: assembling instruments within underwater housings

Software development: embedded micro-controller and windows application development

CAD: Alibre 3D modelling

Testing: various pressure chambers rated to 100 meters water depth, temperature calibration bath

Workshop: manual lathe, drill mill and a wide variety of hand tools

Electronic workshop: reflow oven, solder paste dispenser, and electronic test equipment

Machine-shop: Leadwell vi-30 CNC 4 axis Machining centre, Okuma Soarer CNC lathe, TIG welding facilities

Casting: silicone tool design and construction, vacuum degassing equipment, urethane pressure casting equipment, heat curing facilities