Zebra-Tech is proud to introduce  Calypso, our Catch and Position Reporting System designed specifically to fulfil the needs of the IEMRS programme.

Calypso benefits from over a decade of experience designing and supplying equipment to New Zealand Inshore fisheries. During this time we have developed, manufactured and supported a wide range of custom electronic data loggers and equipment to help fisheries collect the data they require. Calypso is the next step in that journey.

Calypso Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • No installation required, fully portable
  • Super robust design operates happily in the toughest of conditions.
  • Wet fingers and gloves, not a problem
  • Simple and fast to operate
  • Rapid local support

Ideal for smaller vessels and non-vessel fishing operations


Designed, built and supported in NZ


The Calypso Catch and Position Reporting System consists of the Calypso Deck Unit, and the Calypso Cloud Server.


  • Connectivity 
      • Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity as standard
      • Iridium satellite option for remote operators
  • Power 
    • Internal battery power
    • Plugin to boat power
  • Data 
    • IEMRS, GPR and industry data support
    • Multi-permit fishing trips
    • Multi-method fishing trips
    • USB offload, data can be easily offloaded at any time

Calypso Deck Unit

The Calypso Deck unit is a custom designed hardware solution for reliably operating in tough conditions associated with commercial fishing operations.

Catch data is quickly and easily entered using the rugged keypad. Self-learning quick pick-lists simplify and speed up the data entry process required for the catch reports.

Position reports are automatically generated and transmitted by Calypso throughout the fishing trip

As standard, the Calypso Deck Unit has cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. In remote locations, an optional Iridium module is used.

Calypso Cloud Server

Specifically designed for failsafe and secure operation, the Calypso Cloud Server receives the data from the Calypso Deck Unit, and submits it to the appropriate destination.

Calypso Cloud Server also supports the Deck Unit by providing firmware upgrades and backup with restore functionality. The server is operated and maintained by Zebra-Tech in New Zealand.

Beyond IEMRS reporting

The Calypso Catch and Reporting System has been specifically designed to offer more than IEMRS catch and position reporting functionality;

  • Collect and transmit additional industry data (Lobster logbook programme and Paua)
  • Fully compatible with Zebra-Tech Wet Tags to automatically collect valuable water temperature and event data
  • The data collected by Calypso can be simply offloaded at any time, providing valuable data to assist with fishing operation management decisions

If you would like to receive further information and updates as they occur, please send an email to John, or call 03 5480468.