A data logger for fisheries research – the “Blue Wet Tag” by Zebra-Tech

The new Blue Wet Tag gives fisheries researchers and fishing operators the ability to gather data from a range of static gear such as crab pots, lobster traps, whelk and cod pots etc. Using Bluetooth, the Blue Wet Tag can be integrated with their own data collection systems or used with the Zebra-Tech app.

Get coastal bottom water temperature data

Temperature together with depth can be logged at intervals up to 1 minute while the fishing gear is deployed. Everything is automatic, once the Blue Wet Tag is lifted out of the water, it wirelessly offloads its data to the Zebra-Tech app or to a 3rd party system (development kit with source code available). This is a tool for gathering coastal bottom water temperature data with every pot lift. It could also be used in lakes, rivers and aquaculture facilities.

The Wet Tag also records soak time, pot/gear ID, tamper event if the pot was lifted without data offload, time stamp and can be used in combination with vessel or Deck Logger GPS to provide position and track data. All wirelessly, all automatically. A rugged low cost logger for fisheries dependant and independant surveys.


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Blue and Yellow Wet Tags – What’s the difference?

The standard Yellow Wet Tag, although wireless, does not communicate using Bluetooth and requires a Zebra-Tech Deck Logger (Which can also be used to manually input other catch data and integrate other Zebra-Tech devices such as our Digital Measuring Board). The Yellow Wet Tag provides average temperature and depth data rather than time series. The Blue Wet Tag builds on this established technology already used in commercial fishing environments by providing more detailed temperature and depth data and more flexibility in terms of system integration.

Blue and Yellow Wet tags
Blue and Yellow Wet tags