Paua Diver Logger

The Diver Logger is a rugged self contained unit that is mounted on a diver’s back, or attached to a catch bag. It automatically starts recording when the diver enters the water and doesn’t require any user interaction. New Zealand Paua divers have been using these units for several years now to collect fine scale data for their industry. Read more at the New Zealand Paua industry council website: 

On the surface the Diver Logger records the position, while during a dive it records the dive depth and water temperature profile.

The Diver Logger is fully self contained. It features a high sensitivity GPS system to obtain rapid surface position data in high swell and poor coverage areas and during brief surface intervals between free dives.

The data is offloaded to a PC using simple Windows software. The unit can also be supplied with a radio data link capability. This will enable the data to be offloaded automatically to a Paua Boat Logger.