Monthly Archives December 2017

Antifouling for sensors – Why Hydro-Wiper sales are climbing

Sales of Hydro-Wipers continue to climb internationally. UV light, nano thin films, chemical antifouling …there are a number of options out there for researchers deploying sensors in situ. So why are Hydro-Wipers such a popular antifouling…
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Moored deployments with PAR sensors – antifouling

Hydro-Wipers enable moored deployments with PAR sensors by gently wiping biofouling from the sensor. Zebra-Tech regularly gets enquiries for antifouling solutions that can enable PAR sensors and loggers to be deployed in marine and freshwater…
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Hydro-Wipers deployed for Great Barrier Reef

Sensor anti fouling for Great Barrier catchment monitoring. Zebra-Tech has shipped 12 Hydro-Wipers for the TriOS Opus to Control Components in Australia for catchment monitoring. These Hydro-Wipers will be keeping the TriOS Opus sensor clear from…
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