Monthly Archives October 2017

The new Bluetooth Field Caliper – another preview

The new Bluetooth Field caliper from Zebra-Tech   The bluetooth field caliper draws closer to release (early 2018). There is still some work to be done on the firmware – deciding what modes will be…
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Optional keypad protection for the rugged Deck Logger

On tiny dive tenders, it is not unusual, for tanks, weight belts and other heavy equipment to end up “coming into contact” with a Zebra-Tech Deck Logger. For rough handling such as this, it doesn’t…
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Hydro-Wiper for RBRcoda ODO oxygen sensor

Zebra-Tech has released the new Hydro-Wiper for RBR. The RBRcoda ODO is the new oxygen sensor from RBR and Zebra-Tech has developed a new brush and arm as well as a lower profile clamp to…
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