Measure the blue world with RBR.

Zebra-Tech are New Zealand agents for RBR. The current RBR product line includes submersible data loggers for CTD, turbidity, fluorescence, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, PAR, and other sensors, thermistor chains, tide gauges, and wave gauges. RBR instruments are all built on a modular platform to permit rapid custom configuration.

RBR Loggers and sensors
RBR duet dual channel logger

Proving popular are the small form factor solo and duet range. Fast sampling options up to 16Hz are available.

The Solo Features:

  • Flexible measurement schedules
  • Up to 30M measurements
  • Up to 16Hz sampling (optional)
  • Fast USB download
  • Cabled real-time variant |rt

Temperature, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, or PAR (solo) Temperature and Depth (duet).

Solo |rt
RBR Concerto and Maestro CTD and multi parameter sonde

The Concerto and Maestro are multi channel loggers. Custom configurations are available form standard 1Hz CTD Concerto to 12Hz profiling units with a choice of RBR and 3rd party sensors.

  • Supports up to 13 channel combinations
  • Flexible measurement schedules
  • Custom configurations
  • Up to 120M measurements
  • Up to 12Hz sampling (optional)
  • Fast USB download
  • Real-time communication with USB, RS232, or RS485

Available sensors:
Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, CO2, Dissolved Oxygen, Fluorescence, Nitrate, ORP, PAR, pH, Turbidity, Transmittance, Voltage, Water Sample

RBR makes high quality instruments for harsh conditions