Measure the blue world with RBR. Generation 3 is here!

Zebra-Tech are New Zealand agents for RBR. The current RBR product line includes submersible data loggers for CTD, turbidity, fluorescence, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, PAR, and other sensors, thermistor chains, tide gauges, and wave gauges. RBR instruments are all built on a modular platform to permit rapid custom configuration.

RBR Loggers and sensors
Generation³  is here

Generation³ is here

RBR has announced a major upgrade of its product range. Generation 3 products are distinguishable from previous versions by their bold red markings so that you can tell at a glance what generation of instruments you are dealing with.

Proving popular are the small form factor solo and duet range. Fast sampling options up to 32Hz are available.

The Solo Features:

  • Flexible measurement schedules
  • Any AA battery
  • Up to 30M measurements
  • Up to 32 Hz sampling (optional)
  • Fast USB- C download
  • Cabled real-time variant |rt

Temperature, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, or PAR (solo) Temperature and Depth (duet).

RBR Solo instruments

The RBRmaestro³ multi-channel logger supports 3-10 sensors, offers flexible measurement schedules, sampling up to 16 Hz, large memory, ample power for extended deployments, twist activation, and fast USB download for large data sets.
Optional features include fast sampling, thresholding, and Wi-Fi.

The RBRmaestro³ has the flexibility for 10 channels that can
be configured to meet your measurement needs.

RBRmaestro³ C.T.D+ moored instrument; measures conductivity, temperature, depth and up to 7 additional parameters
RBRmaestro³ C.T.D+ | fast8 8Hz profiling instrument; as above with fast sensor response
RBRmaestro³ C.T.D+ | fast16 16Hz profiling instrument; as above with fast sensor response
Custom configurations can include up to 10 of the following options:
Temperature Tide Turbidity pH Depth Wave Fluorescence ORP (RedOx)
Conductivity Dissolved O2 Transmission PAR pCO2 pCH4 Nitrate Irradiance

RBR makes high quality instruments for harsh conditions