Paua data loggers

The Boat logger software and Turtle diver logger software have been combined into a new single application called Paua Logger v3. The icon is a Paua shell.

Click on the link below, and save the installation package. Double clicking the file will run it so that the application is installed onto your PC.

Please contact Zebra-Tech if you have any issues.

Install Paua logger V3_4

Turtle Dive Logger manual v4

Paua Boat Logger Manual V3. updated

Paua logger 2014 2015 instructions v1_1 (2)


UW Caliper

Download the latest Dive Caliper software

Install UW-Caliper 2016 (V2.61)

Download the latest UW-Caliper manual

Caliper manual


D-Opto Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Install D-OptoCom 2_7

D-Opto Sensor manual A4 ver 2

Install D-OptoLog3_4

D-Opto Logger manual A4

D-Opto Shutter Manual

SEA Rings

Install SEA Ring v3.01

SEA Rings operation manual v1.6


 Teledyne product manual

Teledyne Impulse Technical Manual