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Dive Callipers for Milford Sea Urchin

The Zebra-Tech Dive Calliper

Dive Calipers that record at the press of a button. Tough and reliable even at 40 meters under.

Used by research divers and engineers for anything from benthic surveys to oil and gas measurement and maintenance programs. Zebra-Tech’s logging Dive Caliper help you eliminate errors caused by transcription while speeding up your work…finished diving? Great! just connect up your PC and drop the CSV file into a spreadsheet!.


UW-Calipers make underwater surveys a breeze!

Dive Calliper case study

Abalone measurement in New Zealand


Dive Callipers from Zebra-Tech

The Zebra-Tech Dive Caliper

Data Sheet

Logging Dive Calliper from Zebra-Tech

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